“The Book of Joe”

A coffee cup with a big heart. A world with harsh realities. A monkey with the key to life. The Book of Joe is a story of overcoming heartbreak and adversity told through raucous humor, endearing characters and bold illustrations. Sharing the comfort of a children’s book, this graphic novel adds a grown-up twist to a format reminiscent of a time gone by. 

“Dan Misdea’s The Book of Joe made me laugh, and feel sympathetic towards a cup of coffee. Now I can’t go to Starbucks without chuckling or getting emotional.”

Lonnie Millsap (bacön, Cartoonist)

Here’s a Sneak Peak…

Joe is a coffee cup who just can’t catch a break.  Unfortunately, things only get worse for Joe.  Will his luck turn around?

You can see more of Joe’s story on Instagram.  The Book of Joe is targeted to be published in December 2018 with Koehler books and will soon be available for pre-order in November.